Sunday, November 3, 2019

Wendell Farnsworth

Great Day in the Quabbin Today

Yup we are back!  

Spent the day hiking with Theresa and Karl. Our mission was to find the grave site of Wendell Farnsworth.  

Apparently this grave site was overlooked when the Quabbin's towns and cemeteries were removed from the watershed. This poor 6 year old has been alone on the family farm since 1854. Did the family simply "forget" to tell te authorities that the grave was on the hill overlooking the house site? Who knows.  

We thought we would pay him a visit. It took a little sleuthing to get there!

We found it of course:

 The mushrooms were making a final appearance before the cold weather really sets in.


Unknown said...

Went out today looking for Wendell.....didn’t find him....any clues would be helpful.

Bob said...

This should help

Unknown said...

Bob,is this grave actually on Tampling Road? I was there today using the link you shared and didn't find Wendell. I also have other coordinates that lead off Dana-Greenwich Road. Please help!

Bob said...

Head down Greenwich Dana road from Dana center Take the road that is on the right just after the ponds. It is right at a slight uphill. Follow that road in until you see an area the had a house on the left and barn right. Maybe 150 yards in. The grave is up the small valley just to the left of where the house would be. Yes that has the wrong coordinates! Sorry bout that its not me map. I don't have the exact UTM but could dig if you need it. It's not published anywhere probably as to keep traffic down. The grave is on the hill looking into the tiny valley/ drainage.

Bob said...

That is close